Education and entrepreneurship change the world

Curzolandia is the most complete platform to transform content creators into entrepreneurs. We have all the tools so that you can be globally visible, create your digital academy and, above all, monetize your knowledge by helping others.

Create your digital academy today!

Boost your brand, knowledge and skills, we can help you. Focus on what you know how to do, we take care of the rest!

You do not need technical knowledge to create your digital academy
If you already have an academy, excellent! If not, we create it with you
Together we design and configure your digital academy and in a few days you will be online doing what you love the most: teaching!
Monetize your knowledge and start today in this wonderful world of online teaching
Integrally manage your digital academy, create courses, books, podcasts, academic programs and products or services. You can also know who visits you, from what country, city and device

Your knowledge has value!

Transform what you know into educational content and sell to millions of people around the world. Some advantages when creating your digital academy with us.

Your brand is the most important

Your logo and your brand is what will stand out in your digital academy.

Your identity on the web

You can connect your web domain ( in your digital academy.

Multiple Languages

Reach more students in all parts of the world with multiple languages and increase your sales internationally.

Responsive web platform

Your students will be able to access from a computer, tablet or cell phone and download and install a Progressive App (PWA).

Automatically receive your income

Five days after the sale, the following Tuesday payments are processed and sent to your Payoneer account that you must create to receive your commissions.

No complications. No monthly fees or fees

If the purchase is made with a debit or credit card, Curzolandia keeps 10% of the value of the sale or you can buy access codes and manually enroll your students.

Cheaper than a breakfast!

Having your digital academy online only costs you 200 USD per year (16.66 USD per month). This cost is the web hosting that you pay to a certified provider in the USA, the first year we give you a 50% discount, that is to say that you will pay only 100 USD the first year and the following years 200 USD.

Support and help

Always ready to resolve any concerns you may have, we have an online help and support team available to support you.

Are you ready to get started?

Once you make the payment, our Help and Support team will contact you to see the steps to follow to create your Digital Academy. If you need more information, contact our Support and Help team by WhatsApp.

Do you like the idea?

Enter this fascinating world of online education, we can help you, we have all the necessary tools for you to create your Digital Academy based on Curzolandia and thus you can also create, promote and sell your content online ¡Curzolandia has everything you are looking for!

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